Club Track Session (Monday Evening – Members Only)

From: £5.20

Club Track Session. Welwyn Racing Members, Youth & Senior with Track experience. Mondays 7pm-9pm.

Covid-19 All riders and visitors to the track must observe the Behaviour Code (link will open in a separate tab)

To add a place for one rider to your basket, select a date below, complete the rider details and click “Book Now”.

Please confirm that the booking is for a Welwyn Wheelers member.

Please confirm that the rider will observe the BC Covid-19 behaviour code (see link above).

Please provide an emergency contact phone number and details of any medical conditions or other information that the coaches should be aware of


Minimum age: 8 years old.

Open to all club members with track experience.

There are NO changing facilities available during this time. Riders should arrive already changed and be in their designated area in the track centre ready to start at 6:55pm. Helmets and gloves/mitts are compulsory in order to take part in the session. Please also bring your own chair. No spectators will be allowed in the track centre.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, coaches are unable to help in fixing equipment. It is expected that riders will be self sufficient during each session, this means bringing a spare inner tube, tyre levers and pump to fix any punctures which may occur, and a multi-tool if you have one. The bike shed will not be open during any session.

Toilets in the main building may or may not be available for club use and will be under the control of Gosling staff. For safety reasons, all children of primary school age MUST be accompanied by a parent/carer when leaving the track. Coaches are not responsible for taking children to the toilet and will not allow them to leave trackside without a parent/carer.

The club Covid-19 Behaviour Code should be adhered to at all times. Any riders not complying will be asked to leave the session.

Numbers are limited to 24 (2 coaches split into 2 groups).